Please Soviet, I Live Only For You

Please Soviet, Take My MoneyPlease Soviet, Can I tribute

Please Me, And Better Your Life


Many have been asking how to send cash money…..your prayers have been answered:

Be sure to send it properly sealed and addressed to:

Soviet Mercedes
Randweg 53 – 8548
1948 NS Beverwijk
The Netherlands

Write the address EXACTLY like it is written here, and be sure to use enough postage.
Of course you can do this anonymously, or, if you send enough and want to be acknowledged, be sure to let me know who the sender is!

My True Favorite:

My absolute favorite clips and tributes page of all! Use the tribute widget here on the page, or click on the link to get your fix of Soviet Mercedes.
Sending money, buy-binge and collect all my clips.
This feels so good to you. Without me in your life, can you truly say you have ever lived? We both know the answer is NO.
So don’t deprive yourself, give in….. Make yourself happy by making ME happy in the best way you know how: The $$$ signs.

And more! Clips, tributes, phone and webcam!

Of course I have created many ways for you to express your servitude and devotion:

You can find me on Niteflirt: Soviet Mercedes  . Talk to me on the phone or cam, while you find yourself slipping and falling deeper into my web.
I also upload clips on Clips4Sale: Soviet Mercedes

I love to receive GIFTCARDS. 

Send them to soviet.mercedes@gmail.com

There are 2 things that I do a lot-
Traveling and studying.

Of course you can contribute to such by sending GIFTCARDS to me.

Many know how much I love latex and beautiful Lingerie.
You can see this in my clips and all my pictures.

Do you have something else in mind? Surprise me!

Please Soviet, Take My Money Can I Tribute I Live Only For You

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